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Information for New Patients

The friendly, welcoming West Coast Back & Body Centre team always greet you with a smile when you walk in the door. We’re genuinely happy to see you and consider it a privilege to get to know you. You’ll feel completely at ease in our family-friendly environment.


The First Visit

We ask that you wear loose clothing that allows you to move around, such as shorts and a sports top. After your arrival, you’ll be given a confidential health questionnaire to fill out. This form allows Dr Orlando or Dr David to get a full picture of your health history and current complaints. Then, you’ll be escorted back to a treatment room to sit down for a chat with the chiropractor. They will do an examination as appropriate for your immediate problems. Your posture, spinal function, nervous system and overall biomechanics will be assessed.

Depending on the nature of your injury, we may provide treatment for pain relief and stabilisation. This visit takes about 40 minutes, including paperwork.

The Second Visit

At your next appointment, we’ll discuss your results from the previous visit. You’ll receive options for your care plans, and we’ll detail how long it’ll take to recover and prevent your condition from recurring. You’ll receive an adjustment and be on your way.

Following Up

On each visit, you’ll leave with something we want you to work on, such as pelvic positioning, spinal positioning or movement patterns. We hope to start reorganising your brain to perform movement patterns correctly. It might be something as simple as going from seated positions to standing, or squatting without flexing your spine.

Each appointment is shorter in duration, about 10-20 minutes in total. The frequency you’ll see us will depend on what you hope to achieve. You might see us for two weeks, two months or two years. Many of the people working at area mine sites have manual jobs and are under continual strain and stress. These people might need more visits than, for example, an office worker who exercises regularly.

We find that regular care may help people be more active and enjoy the many benefits of great health.


Regular Visits for Optimal Health

Dr Orlando recommends that you get your spine checked at least every three months. During that time, you might fall, slip or have an injury. By having your spine checked, you’ll be energised and receive a new movement pattern to start performing. Chiropractic, however, isn’t the only factor that determines your health. You also have to consider drinking more water, moving around for 30-60 minutes every day, and getting ample sleep. We are happy to provide advice on other aspects of your health to help you attain a healthier overall lifestyle.

Find out what we may be able to do for you. Contact us today for an evening appointment or a Saturday visit!


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