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Meet Our Chiropractors

Dr Orlando Nieves, Chiropractor

Dr Orlando Nieves (Chiropractor)

It’s easy to understand how a family man, like Dr Orlando Nieves, loves having a family-centered chiropractic practice in Mandurah. As the father of four young children, Dr Orlando knows the importance of maintaining optimal central nervous system functioning to ensure that healthy young bodies grow into healthy adult bodies and beyond.

And how exactly does he help his Mandurah patients, from day-old infants to mature seniors, maintain a high-functioning central nervous system?

He does it by providing them with the very best chiropractic care so that their bodies can function as they are intended, without drugs and without surgery.
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Dr David Brown, Chiropractor

Dr David Brown (Chiropractor)

Growing up in coastal Albany, Dr Brown has always led an active and healthy lifestyle. He is an avid beach goer and enjoys surfing and beach volleyball as well as cycling and basketball. A well balanced and nutritious diet is also an important aspect of his life. He believes a healthy lifestyle wouldn’t be complete without regular adjustment, and continues his care as a chiropractic patient.

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